Caring for your Jewellery


All silver jewellery is susceptible to tarnish and scratching.  If an item is worn every day or is hung on a chain with lots of other items or a keyring, it will gradually age.

Tarnish is a natural effect of the humidity and chemicals in the air or on your skin. Its appearance is not a cause for concern and it is fairly simple to remove.

The following steps can help you keep your jewellery in optimum condition year round.


Remove your jewellery before showering or bathing to avoid build up from soap products. Please also remove when applying skin products, perfumes and sun lotions.  Do not put your jewellery back on until your skin is completely dry.


Chlorine and bleach can cause permanent damage to your jewellery, so it is essential that you remove it before swimming, using a hot tub, or whilst using chlorine bleach or bleach based products.


Light tarnish can be removed by using a gentle washing up liquid and warm water. Carefully wipe with a soft cotton cloth.  After wiping, rinse with lukewarm water and allow to dry.  If your jewellery is more heavily tarnished, you can polish it with silver polish or a polishing cloth.  Try to avoid polishing the actual fingerprint impression as much as possible.  As part of our service, Very Berry Charms can give your pendant a professional polish (see Price List for details). 


Regularly check jumprings for wear and tear.


To prevent scratching, do not store your jewellery with other metals or loose with other jewellery.


If you are storing your jewellery for sometime, try and keep it wrapped in acid-free tissue.