Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome the chance to answer any questions you might have directly, but for quick reference here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Where are you based?

We work from our home studio in Midsomer Norton, a small village near Bath, UK.  Even if you don’t live near to us, we can still arrange to create a pendant for you via the magic of post.


What is your jewellery made of?

Our pendants are handmade from hallmark quality silver.  


How do you take fingerprint impressions?

There are three ways that we can collect your print.  We can arrange for the print to be taken directly in to the clay, we can create a fingerprint mould using putty, or we can provide you with putty to use at home (with full instructions; it’s super simple to use.) Both the clay and the putty are non-toxic.  If the person giving the print is allergic to silver, we would not be able to take their print directly in to the clay.


How long will it take?

Our turnaround time is currently 1-2 weeks from the time we take your print.  As soon as your pendant is ready we will deliver it to you, and we’ll keep you posted throughout the process so that you’ll know when to expect it. If you need your pendant quickly, we can offer an express service for a small charge.


Who can you take prints from?

We can take prints from people of any age, although we advise that prints are not taken from babies under the age of 16 weeks due to a small risk of bruising the fingertip.  From newborn to two years of age, fingerprint definition may not be as strong, but we have achieved beautiful prints from children under the age of one.


How strong will my fingerprint impression appear on the pendant?

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique, and that includes its definition. Some people will naturally have stronger prints than others, and each person’s print will have its own individual imperfections.  If we feel that there is a problem with the strength of the print, we will contact you.


Do you make pendants that fit more than one print?

Some of our medium and large pendants can fit multiple prints. We can also offer stackable pendants, as well as custom designs tailored to your requirements.


How do you take hand and footprints?

We can take these prints with an inkless wipe, which is skin safe and suitable for all ages.  Alternatively we can work with prints you have at home (as long as they are strong enough.)


How can I get my handwriting or artwork to you?

We can either work from hard copies, or from scanned copies.  We will highlight as much detail as possible and will send you a copy of our finished design for your approval before we begin making your pendant.


Are your pendants handmade?

From start to finish!  We put a lot of time, care and love in to making our pendants to make sure you receive a quality item. There may be slight imperfections on your pendant, but these will not be unsightly and will only add to its uniqueness.


How do I care for my pendant?

Caring for your jewellery is a fairly simple process. In essence, treat it with love and care and it will be yours to treasure forever.