“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure”.

Memories are maybe never more precious than in times of bereavement. They are a legacy we can cherish in our minds and hearts forever.

Our ‘In Memory’ jewellery and accessories are a lasting and personal memento, which may help bring a touch of comfort and a sense of closeness to a loved one.

We consider it a great honour to create commemorative jewellery, and will work alongside you through every stage.

We can create jewellery and accessories featuring finger, hand & footprints, and also your loved one’s handwriting.

It is important to try and capture prints as soon as possible. We can either do this in person, or arrange for an impression to be taken for you.  You do not have to make any other decisions at this stage, as fingerprint impressions can be kept for use in the future. We can also create jewellery from prints taken in hospital or at home.

Further information on styles and prices is available here